Com Electro Cluj-Napoca is a Romanian-owned company, founded with the purpose of producing distribution and automation panels. The company started its activity as a result of the experience of the personnel for over 15 years in the construction of panels and the coordination of the execution and design of electrical installations.

The company’s leadership has focused on developing long-lasting partnerships with the company’s suppliers and customers, following the premise:

“A business that produces money and is not capable of producing partnerships is a poor business.”

We consider the long-term partnerships that we have as the basis for the existence and development of the company and the staff working in the company. Our activity so far has served various objectives on the territory of Romania or the Republic of Moldova. We are in a continuous process of streamlining production costs, without prejudice to the quality of the products leaving the workshop.

We want to become a constant supplier of your projects, to build a partnership relationship based on your trust and dedication on our part.

Petrisor Sarca